Modelers and friends that have inspired me.

Layout Update!!

Ed Loizeaux
A good friend with a GREAT layout and always ready to share.

George Brancacio
"The Expert" when it comes to painting, lettering and weathering engines and rolling stock.

Lowell Thomas
Model bridge builder with the patience of Job and an eye for detail.  A wonderful brother in the Lord.

Mark Gurries
The Guru of all things DCC and electronics. President of the Silicon Valley Railway Club.

June Hill
The Master Artist that brings everything alive with just the stroke of a brush!

Marcus Ammann
The author and keeper of "DCC for Dummies". Marcus, what would we do without you?

Richard Churchill
Master structure builder.  You'll see his talent in a number of the towns on the S&TM

This page features the latest updates to the layout along with the newest engines, rolling stock, structures and scenery enhanments! If you want to comment on something CLICK HERE
Western Pacific GP9 pulling the grade approaching Kylie Junction.There was a massive rock slide back in the day, right outside Tunnel 9 on the Sweetwater & Thunder Mt. Short Line.   Most of the MOW made it into the tunnel, but the leased V&T maintenance caboose got caught and beat up beyond repair.  Awww...someday it may grow up and become a real caboose.     .....or not.
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FM H10-44 / HH660 short freight consist
Western Pacific GP35 & GP9 freight down town Eagle Pass
Shay fan trip passing Kylie Switch Tower
Western Pacific #803 on speed restriction at Sweetwater Yards.
D&RGW Funits struggling up the Mt. Cameron grade.
Yard Tower controlling Sweetwater & Thunder Mountain, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific tracks. Slow freight approaching Thunder Mountain station.Western Pacific F3A #803 exiting Eagle Mountain Tunnel 3 approaching Edna River Gorge Tressel
General Moters EMD GP20 Demonstrator strutting its stuff for an excursion car full of Sweetwater & Thunder Mt. Execs and their families.Southern Pacific Alco S4 switcher exiting Sheridan connector tunnelUnion Pacific just entered Thunder Mountain tunnel on it's way to California.  Looks like we may need to do some mosquito abatment.
"What happens in the Reefer, stays in the Reefer"   ;-)

 Actually a project car by our local train group..A lazy afternoon at the Sweetwater Roundhouse.  Only thing going is some valve welding in the back shop.It's a dirty job.....but somebody has to do it.....