A picture is worth a 1000 words!
The following photographs range from early construction on the layout to the present.  Also some shots of the "real thing" just for fun.

Click on the pictures below.  Captions at the bottom of each picture explains a little more of what you see.

Always a busy day in the Sweetwater Yard!Grandson Cameron on the Bolder City Railroad Fairbanks-Morse FM-H12-44 #1855Sweetwater & Thunder Mountain #46 Hudson purchased used from the NYC.Black Widow X6325 on the way from Eagle Pass to Sheridan.Early picture of grade construction up to Thunder Mountain.ATSF Caboose with DCC controlled lighting installed.BETA testing a Logic Rail Tech fast clock next to the original NCE.  Works perfect!Martinez Tunnel approaching Sweetwater The Jackass & Western Railroad was the private railway on the atomic weapons testing site in Nevada. Just one of the numerous Sweetwater & Thunder Mountain rolling stock.S&TM #46 pulling out of Thunder Mountain Station on its way to Sheridan.Inside of the main control panel at an early stage.  There are a total of five control panels now in operation.The Christopher Express on it's way to Eagle Pass.  (Christopher is the #1 Grandson)Onboard Train Camera. Let's you ride the rails from inside a SP Black Widow F3.A day on the rails in a speeder thru the Sunol Pass in California.Custom built truss bridge from Thunder Mountain over Marge Pass towards Eagle summit.June Hill and I after the mural is painted.  My job was to clean the brush.Temporary mockup of Sweetwater.  Lot's of changes coming!"Henderson Yards"...waiting service, repair, painting, etc.Early morning at Roaring Camp.  I'll be driving this Shay a little later in the day. Wow! My clothes are still clean!D&RGW #1435. An old war horse still working while awaiting new colors for the Sweetwater & Thunder Mountain RR. 
Badwater Trestle on the way to Thunder Mountain.   Still working the scenery on this section of the layoutNevada Southern Railway UP #844 still hauling passsengers out of Bolder City, Nevada. 
Best motel in town! You can rent any one of seven or eight different "caboose rooms". Located in Dunsmuir, California. Great fun! 
Testing a new Tsunami decoder before installation.  The homemade tester works fine.Quincy (CA) Station. My older brother, Gary, still lives in Quincy. Wonder if he realizes the station was moved to Sweetwater? ;-) 
Tunnel on Mt Cameron - circa 1924.   ;-))
New!  Click here to see a clip of D&RGW Consist as it travels past Thunder Mountain Station!  It takes about 10 seconds to arrive so....wait for it!   Turn up the sound and Enjoy!